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HTML 5 Submit form - multiple actions with formaction

When working with forms there are often times it would be really handy to be able to submit the form and depending on the button clicked changed the form action the data is posted to. Normally this has not been possible so we find workarounds.

I recently found the need for this again and come across a HTML attribute called formaction which is amazing for this! This attribute allows you to specify the url to post to which when pressed will override the form action attribute.

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Website deployment with Bitbucket and FTPloy

Bitbucket is great for private repo’s. Bitbucket provides Git and Mercurial hosting for teams. The free package provides unlimited private and public repo’s. Using Git to keep track of code changes is great, especially when working with a team.

I’ve recently been thinking it would be great when committing code for it to automatically be copied on to the server, here is where FTPloy comes in!

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PHP 7 has been released!

PHP 7 was officially released yesterday! it’s been in testing for quite some time. 8 release candidates were released to find any bugs and fix them now that’s been completed it’s now available for everyone to download and use.

I’m incredibly excited to take advantage of the speed improvements, hopefully most hosts will have this available very soon!

I want to say a massive congratulations and thank you to the PHP team and the contributors this is an amazing effort on their part!

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Common SSH commands

These following commands are for working within an SSH connection on a Linux server, I’m documenting them here for my own reference. I don’t use SSH enough to remember these commands.

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iframe set height to 100%

Iframes are useful to loading external pages into an existing page and avoiding any style conflicts, using an iframe is as simple as putting an iframe tag and it’s src. I really wanted the height to be as tall as my viewable screen without setting a fixed height or using javascript. Thanks to a css property called vh (viewport height) it’s a simple process.

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Post updates to Buffer using PHP

Buffer is a great social media management tool, perfect to scheduling facebook and twitter updates. I recently wanted to integrate Buffer into a website using the Buffer api. Thankfully the documentation for the Buffer api is clean and easy to follow.

Buffer requires OAuth 2.0 authentication they don’t have a php library, but I found a brilliant repo on Github the buffer class provides a wrapper for integrating with Buffer.

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Add a Buffer button to your website

I’m a huge fan of Buffer it allows you to connect and share content to multiple social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest) It’s a great social media management tool. I use Buffer to post to my networks at set times, this means I can setup my posts and have them sent out when I’m not around. I use this a lot for sending out useful finds on Twitter and posting them when I’m working or in client meetings.

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PHP Code Snippets - relaunched

PHP Code Snippets, is a members based site. Anyone can join and add their own code snippets, Snippets links can easily be shared across social media accounts, and commented on. Each user has their own profile with the option to link back to their social media accounts and website.

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My favourite Evernote feature on a iPhone

I love using Evernote it's my go to app for jotting down my thoughts and documenting meetings with clients. I'm often catching up with the latest web development news/talks on Twitter. I used to email or favorite the tweets as a way of saving them so so I can come back to them at a later time. I've starting using the share feature in IOS instead.....

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