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My favourite Evernote feature on a iPhone

I love using Evernote it's my go to app for jotting down my thoughts and documenting meetings with clients. I'm often catching up with the latest web development news/talks on Twitter. I used to email or favorite the tweets as a way of saving them so so I can come back to them at a later time. I've starting using the share feature in IOS instead.....

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Book Review: Building Secure PHP Apps

I’ve just finished reading Building Secure PHP Apps by Ben Edmunds.

A security ebook very well written it’s not a huge book, spans 5 chapters the topics are covered in details and with a wealth of information to digest and research more on the topics should you choose to do so.

What I really liked about this book was the to the point of practical security issues and how to solve them. Most chapters start with a short story illustrating problems that are plausible setting the scene for each chapter.

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Scraping GitHub

For an upcoming project I need to be able to dynamically get information about a GitHub repository such as the number of stars, watchers, forks and the repo description and url.

Looking at the API I didn’t see a simple way of doing it so I decided to scrape my repo instead.

Using HTML Dom Parser ( the process is simple. First include simple_html_dom.php then setup the url to my repo:

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Using Premailer to convert styles to inline styles for HTML emails automatically with PHP

Sending HTML emails can be tricky, not all mail clients support the same css. Most ignore external stylesheets, inline styles are the only way to format layouts for maximum compatability.

Applying inline styles to elements can be hard to maintain, this is where Premailer comes in, Premailer can take a file or HTML markup and take any styles inside style tags and place them inside the tags as inline style attributes.

Premailer provides an api to allow usage within your applications.

The Premailer API is accessed via an HTTP POST to

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PHP 7 Beta released

PHP recently announced the released: PHP 7.0.0 Beta 1, PHP 5.5.27  & PHP 5.6.11.

As with any beta version it’s not suitable to be used for production, test these out on a development server, find any bugs reports them on PHP’s Bug Tracker

The next beta is expected to be relased on the 23rd of July 2015

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